• Natural Lighting

    Engineered to bring FULL spectrum natural light indoors for a comfortable reading environment, ideal for areas with limited sunlight.

  • Bridgelux Thrive™ SMD LED

    Designed to provide the closest match to natural sunlight available. The high-fidelity spectral output of Thrive™ creates stunning environments with excellent colour rendering.

  • Touch Screen with Smart Controls

    Bulit in with eco-friendly smart controls for brightness adjustment and motion sensors for automatic activation and shutdown.

  • CRI (Ra) > 95

    Accurately shows a wide range of colors and provides top-notch lighting with excellent color accuracy.

  • UGR < 13

    Minimizes glare, making it more comfortable for users in indoor spaces.

  • 36,000 hours

    It is expected to function properly and reliably for 36,000 hours of usage before needing replacement.

There's a bookcase filled with books in the back and a table with a computer on it what's in the center of the frame in the corner of this room is the OVOSUN lamp elegantly lightly up the study desk.

Study Room

OVOSUN Pro E-Reading Floor Lamp with its engineered full spectrum natural light, guarantees comfortable study sessions for extended periods without experiencing eye strain or fatigue. The Bridgelux Thrive™ SMD LED enhances color perception, making it ideal for tasks like reading and studying, where accurate color rendering is important.

There is a piano that is being lit with the Ovosun lamp the sheet music is easy to read and the lighting is gentle.

Music Room

Playing music requires not only skill, but also a keen sense of musical expression. OVOSUN Pro E-Reading Floor Lamp with Bridgelux Thrive™ SMD LED offers full spectrum natural light, allowing for a more immersive and enjoyable playing experience.

The lamp is lighting up a small kids room full of kids books and stuffed animals it's light is focused on the kids mat where a infant of child would play or read a book.


The world of the little ones, where creativity knows no bounds. We want to create an environment that fosters both fun and learning. OVOSUN Pro E-Reading Floor Lamp with Bridgelux Thrive™ SMD LED not only ensures accurate color perception, but also creates a vibrant atmosphere conducive to imaginative play. Parents can customize the lighting to suit various activities, whether it's crafting, building, or playing games.

Living Room

The heart of the home, where families gather to connect. With smart controls for brightness adjustment, OVOSUN Pro E-Reading Floor Lamp with Bridgelux Thrive™ SMD LED adds warmth and ambiance, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere for family movie nights or reading sessions. You can easily tailor the lighting to match the mood or activity, whether it's unwinding with a book or hosting guests for game night.

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    Enjoy peace of mind with our 14-day return policy with our support team.

  • 3-Year Guarantee

    We ensure our product's quality for two years; defects are replaced or repaired at no extra cost.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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